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I'm fairly certain my father genuinely believes I am a "shopaholic." I have always denied it vehemently! But with this latest discovery I've stumbled upon, I may find myself spiraling down into the all-consuming depths of a relapse. I can already feel the urge to load up a shopping cart, full of mostly unnecessary things, slowly creep up on me! I'd like to introduce you to my friend, Rightcliq, by Visa. 
Image courtesy of Visa
Rightcliq is a service with the mission to "put the shopping power in the hands (and laptops) of consumers, according to its website. With Rightcliq you can capture and save items at almost any online retailer. The product and pricing information will be saved to your "Wishspace," a virtual storage unit for all your e-commerce cravings. You can organize your list with a feature called bundles that separates the items into different categories and types. With Christmas coming up, it's the perfect way to organize your gift lists! To avoid the panic some people feel when purchasing items without a second opinion, Visa included the option of sending you Wishspace to your list of friends so they can view the items you're considering and offer up comments and ratings. Only adding to the convenience (and the dangerous temptation, as I've learned through the all-too-easy one-click shopping on iTunes) of this service is the option to save your billing and shipping data so you can simply auto-fill these spaces when you reach the checkout page of any given online store. Fortunately, it's VISA! So you don't have to worry about your information's security. Not only does Rightcliq require certain password fortifications, it also asks private security questions and will put a 24 hour lock on any account that incorrectly logs in three times. After you've bit the bullet and purchased those to-die-for pumps or that decadent vintage Louis Vuitton briefcase (ahem... not that I know anyone who'd kill for one of those...), you can save your purchases and tracking numbers. The key to all of this is that you can finally kill the clutter and get rid of the endless unidentifiable webpage bookmarks saved in your Wishlist folder. It's all centralized in one user-friendly location: wishing, looking, sharing, buying, tracking, everything! 
I am officially obsessed with this new gadget! It will revolutionize the way I shop online, not to mention make it far more convenient. Go to their website to see for yourself. All you have to do is sign up, install the plug-in, and start saving to your heart's content! Enjoy ;)



Red Leather, Yellow Leather

The year was 1999. I had just begun fifth grade. I was shopping for back-to-school clothes. This was my first encounter with leather.... or, actually, "pleather." My mom and I were in Gap and I spotted a garish pair of dark brick red plastic leather pants. I had to have them. You see, my tendency towards outlandish fashion started early on. Much to my dismay, my older and wiser mother vehemently refused to indulge in my youthful appetite for trends. So I spent the next week leaving her notes asking for my beloved red leather pants. When this didn't work, I enlisted the help of my friends and their parents. Finally, she gave up and gave in. Off to Gap we went! Needless to say, I never wore them. And, the tags remained intact until I finally admitted the next year or so that I was not planning on wearing them and they were toted off to the local Goodwill...
Photo: bootknockers
I've done a little growing up since I was ten. Not too terribly much has changed, though. I still purchase clothes I think I "have to have" and find them shoved in the farthest recesses of my closet years later with the price tags still attached. I still am a sucker for trends and whatever is new and exciting in any given moment. However, I'd say my tastes have refined, if ever so slightly. I am once again, almost eleven years later, desperate for a pair of leather pants! But this time around I'll pass on the red. And this time around I'll opt not to squeeze my body into stitched together tubes of synthetic fabric-- real leather only, please!

Surprisingly enough, a pair of leather pants is a versatile component to any wardrobe. While they will inevitably add a slightly rebellious tone to your outfit, there are a million and one ways to tame the temptress by pairing your leather lovelies with a soft knit or neutral colors. But, I say, what's so wrong with playing the part of a bad ass now and then? Just ask James Dean... or Catwoman...


  "Fashion is made to become unfashionable."  
-Coco Chanel

Click below for a few examples!


Working Girl

Photo: StyleCaster
I start an internship program at StyleCaster today! The only thing I was specifically told to bring was my laptop.... Blast! My laptop?? I have nothing even remotely cute in which to carry my not-quite-slim-enough little Mac! So while my first-day outfit is unavoidably damaged by whatever oversized bag I have to lug around like a sloppy bum, I have already taken the initiative to add a cute briefcase to my Christmas wish list. Aren't you proud of me for being so proactive about the issue at hand Admirable, I know. ;) I'm thinking vintage designer. Nothing nylon or excessively bulky. Something with just enough room for a laptop, wallet, my Ray-Ban's, and a little Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker of course....

Happy Monday, from StyleCaster's newest "Junior Team Member"!




My adventures into the wonderland of dress-up and costumes always starts out so innocent... and it always ends up infinitely more involved. Such was the case last night. My mom has begun her annual holiday decorating craze. As she decked the windows in the kitchen with little glass ornaments, I picked up the pretty yellow star and told her I wanted to wear it in my hair. One thing led to another, and before I knew it she and I were conducting a full blown photo shoot. What began as a request for her to take a picture of the simple starred style rapidly progressed into various contortions of my hair, decorated with bits of holiday ornamentation I would spot around the house , and a messy slew of outfit changes. Somehow, from a sickening cloud of hairspray and abundant layers of silk satin gowns tossed haphazardly around my room, a spread of some cool photos emerged....



Drugstore Damsels

Photo: fashaddix.com
I am a magazine junkie to the max. Keep your heroin! Keep your cocaine! Just let me have my Vogue and my Elle and my NYLON! My addiction really takes hold whenever I go on a trip; airports are my downfall. How else am I to survive four hours, crammed next to some fat man overflowing from the confines of his armrests and inevitably infected by that germ-y cough the lady behind me is spewing into the recycled air,  if not by the vivid, glossy pages of this month's newest issue? The only real problem there is in buying eight magazines at the Hudson News newsstand (aside from the odd looks the cashier gives me as I drop $30 on my hefty stack) is the subsequent urge to spend even more money on all the ritzy beauty products I see inside! Every magazine has its "must-have" products of the season, but as much as I'd love that decadent ounce of velvety moisturizer, I don't have the $100 to spend on it! I already spent the money on the magazines, after all.... So I've done things my own way, and collected my absolute favorite beauty products, all of which can be found at most major drugstores. Consider it a cheat sheet for us bargain babies out there.

Good for your Health

Emergen-C Super Orange: With airplanes on the brain, I had to mention this one. This drink mix is power-packed with Vitamin C to keep your immune system strong in the face of those yucky germs.

Jergen's Natural Glow Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer: This gradual sunless tanning lotion keeps your skin baby soft as it builds a believable streak-free glow. Plus it smells delicious! No fake-tanning-product odor here!

St. Ives Invigorating Apricot Scrub: I use this multi-tasker on my body to get rid of any rough patches of skin (like my heels or elbows). I also use a dab of it with a little bit of water on my face to scrub my pores clean. 

Crest 3D White Mouthwash and Toothpaste: My teeth are naturally pretty white, so I have a hard time noticing the effects of most at-home whitening systems. This line, however, really works wonders if used daily. The flavor is a perfect minty clean, too. It doesn't burn, but it doesn't taste sweet as though you were cleaning your teeth with sugar. 

Women's Degree Ultra Clear: This deodorant passes the dance class, yoga class, run-to-class test. And I can put it on before I get dressed and it still doesn't smear onto my shirt. 

Coppertone Water Babies Sunscreen: SPF protection is the key, more than any face cream or anti-aging gimmick, to preventing wrinkles and signs of aging. NOW is the time to start protecting the face you will have when you're 40 and 50. Water Babies is always my favorite choice because it smells like beaches and childhood.

Love your Hair

Goody Color Collection Blonde Bobby Pins: I lose bobby pins in my hair. I leave them lying around everywhere. So I love a new, full pack. I like the Goody Color Collection style because, unlike other brands with matte yellowy-blonde pins, Goody's are metallic, so they shimmer and blend into my highlights.

Scunci No-Slip Grip Headbands: These little black beauties save me on a bad hair day. They make a messy bun thrown on top of my head look instantly chic. Place the band about half an inch to an inch from your hairline. Pump up the volume and texture of the hair behind the band and into your bun for a quick bit of sex-kitten glamour.

John Frieda Frizz-Ease Hair Serum: All I can say is a blowout is not complete without shine serum to seal in the smoothness. Frizz-Ease Hair Serum is a classic, and it comes in different levels if your hair needs extra lovin'. 

Finesse Curl Defining Mousse: The smell of this mousse always takes me back to the spring of my sophomore year in high school for some reason. The bottle looks a little different now, but the magic touch is still the same. I hate having to always blow-dry my hair, so I have tried out my fair share of mousses in search of the perfect one. I don't want frizz, but I don't want crispy crunchy curls. This product leaves hair touchable and amazingly well defined, whether you have tight kinky curls or soft loose waves.

Pssssst! Instant Dry Shampoo: It is a very taxing thing for your hair to be shampooed daily. Particularly if you have curly hair, which is naturally prone to dryness. This dry shampoo allows me to go a while between washings and style keep my style fresh. Some dry shampoos will leave your hair stiff and gross with powdery residues. This brand leaves hair manageable and doesn't have an overwhelming fragrance. Sometimes, I use it for a little extra texture even if I have just washed my hair!

Loreal Paris Elnett Satin Hairspray: Maybe it's because I was born in Texas, but hairspray is a necessity for me. I like my hair to be full and voluminous with flowing flips and waves, not flat to my head and pin straight. This hairspray lets me achieve all this during the day, and then brush it out at night. There's no buildup of stiff, sticky ends that get brittle and look like straw. Another perk of this hairspray? It has a UV-shielding ingredient that protects your luscious locks from the damaging, drying, color-stripping effects of the sun.

Beauty Queen

Loreal Paris Voluminous Mascara Original: I know that a lot of people consider Maybelline Great Lash Mascara to be the best drugstore mascara. I have to firmly disagree and throw this option into the running. The formula is thick so you don't have to pile on coat after coat to get even the tiniest bit of volume. I like my lashes full and thick and this does the trick. Plus it offers fantastic length and curl too!

Ardell Fashion Lashes #120 Demi: False eyelashes can be freaky and showgirl-esque, or they can be of the alluring and come-hither bombshell sort. Find some that are wispy and feathery and not too terribly long, and they will add a great deal of seductive sex appeal to your party outfit. Or, if you can really pull it off, glamourize your daywear with muted and toned down makeup and style elsewhere. Let your eyes do the talking. And just a hint- apply them looking down into a mirror placed flat on a table instead of looking straight ahead. It'll be easier!

Physician's Formula Summer Eclipse Bronzer: To say that I am fair-skinned is an understatement. I give Casper a run for his money! It is hard to find a bronzer that doesn't look like I am wearing dirt on my face. This bronzer has a mix of darker golden and lighter champagne shades that blend together perfectly. It brightens up my skin just enough to stomp out any sickly, pasty paleness.

Loreal Paris Colour Riche Lipstick in Mauved: This lip color is creamy and smooth. It goes on slick but stays on nice and rich. If you dab the first coat with a tissue and then reapply, it lasts forever! The color "Mauved" is more pink than mauve, but it's subtle and easy to wear with everything.

Bonne Bell Lip Smacker in Dr. Pepper: Oh man! I have been swiping this bad boy across my lips since I was in the single digits. It tastes nothing like Dr. Pepper, but it is yummy nonetheless. Best of all though, it has a perfectly sheer blushy red tint to it and is as easy as ChapStick to apply! You will never find me without a stick of this in my bag.

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Porcelain Pink: This lipstick is exactly what it's name says it is. It is lustrous. Super lustrous. I am a big fan of super pale pinks (a la Nars lip gloss in Turkish Delight). They're like a nude lip only you run less of a risk of looking washed out. This pink is the perfect shade for thick black lashes and wind-blushed cheeks. It's delicate and sweet but sexy all the same.

Q-tips Cotton Swabs: How can anyone have a makeup bag without Q-tips??? They are absolutely essential! I use Q-tips to clean up mascara smears and to smudge in kohl eyeliner for that perfect smoky eye look. And even though I know you're not supposed to use them this way, they still make the best post-shower ear cleaners.

Biore Ultra Deep Clean Pore Strips: I had never used these until recently, but now I'm hooked. They're like the beauty version of that mouthwash made for kids that shows them what was in their mouth when they spit. Here's a little tip with these though: After you've cleared out your pores, douse your face with icy cold water. It will cause your pores to constrict and close up so they don't just fill up with oil and dirt all over again.

Olay Regenerist Micro-sculpting Cream: This face cream is absolutely decadent. It glides onto your face like buttery velvet. I always tend to get dry skin during the winter when the heaters suck the moisture out of the air. This cream replenishes the softness to my skin and leaves it smooth and supple. I swear it works better than any cream you could get in Sephora or a department store!

Milani Power Lash Mascara: If you want lush, look-at-me lashes, this is your best bet. It is a shiny, glossy black but still packs a powerful blast to your lashes oomph factor. The brush is massive and coats every tiny lash with a thick, never watery, dose of mascara heaven. Just be sure to keep your Q-tips on hand to clean up the smudges afterwards! ;)

Photo: Beauty Broadcast

So hit up your neighborhood Walgreens or CVS and keep an eye out for these goodies! I'm sure they'll find a regular spot in your beauty repertoire as well! Bon nuit, my lovelies.




Tomorrow morning, bright and early (seriously early -- 7.55 a.m.), I will be on a plane headed down to Austin for a little visit. Lately, Michael has been telling me of his multiple trips to Buffalo Exchange and all the new things he's bought. All I can think about is how excited I am to snoop in his closet and take advantage of my girlfriendy right to raid! Even if it is just for a couple days, I will be swimming in rugged male apparel and loving it. So here, in honor of my little voyage, are a few precious gems you might want to check in your boyfriend's closet for! ;)


1. A boyfriend or male admirer.
2. A rich, fashionable young man; a dandy.

Pendleton Vintage Plaid Lodge Shirt, $98
Invicta Men's 0431 Vintage Collection Brown Leather Watch, $130
Brushed Beanie, $18
Men's tees, polos & fleece - long-sleeve tees - Lightweight waffle..., $40
21Men - Sweaters - 2084920839, $29
Men washed favorite shirts Solid Secret Wash point-collar shirt, $60
The Classic Fit Sweatpant, $36
Men's Jeans & Denim - Lucky Brand Jeans, $99
Men's accessories - socks - Camp socks - J.Crew, $24

  • Thermal waffle tee-- Particularly if it's a henley (i.e. one of those shirts with a few button at the top) it looks great on girls. Though it's like a little baggy or slouchy, contrast that with a fitted skirt or a pair of super short cut offs, depending on where you live obviously. 
  • Sweatpants-- I don't exactly recommend wearing these out and about... but I always prefer guy's sweatpants to girls. Sweatpants are not really supposed to be cute. They have "sweat" in their name. Uhm... ew? So I hate when girl's brands try to make them something they are not. Plus my legs are miles long and boy's just tend to fit better. 
  • Knit beanie-- It's plain and simple, but it adds a cute and funky edge to a snow bunny look. Plus a beanie is an excellent tool for hiding a bit of bedhead. 
  • Plaid flannel-- There is SO much you can do with a plaid flannel. I like the cut of a guy's flannel because it usually isn't so short and fitted. I'd wear it with a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans and black over-the-knee boots. A little bit rugged, a little bit risqué
  • Men's watch-- Some girl's watches are great. But a man's watch has a bigger face and has this old-fashioned gentlemanly quality to it when it's a leather band. I wear watches more for their ornamental properties than for their functional purposes. Most of my watches aren't even set! So I want a nice, statement piece to really stand out on my wrist. 
  • Jeans-- Every girl should know this by now: your boyfriend's jeans are a staple. Now if he's significantly larger than you (though most guys have slimmer hips than girls do anyway), then opt for the girly version. But if you can get away with it, go for the more authentic route and steal the real deal from your beau's closet! Just make sure to offset them with a fitted top that points out your curves and the fact that you are, indeed, a woman. 
  • White button-down-- While Tom Cruise may have made his own mark where the white button-down is concerned. Girls can, in my opinion, have much more of an impact when they shrug their sweet shoulders into one of these babies. It's pretty much instant sex appeal. Think: "I just woke up after that party last and I don't want to tiptoe barefoot around the kitchen in my cocktail dress... so I'm going to put on your shirt and make us some coffee." Ooh la la! 
  • Cardigan-- This item is particularly useful if you're planning on wearing a long-sleeved shirt underneath the sweater. Guys arms are cut slightly larger to allow for their extra muscle. Not to mention, a less constricting loose fit just makes a cardigan all the cozier! 
  • Camp socks-- Call them what you will, camp socks, boot socks, ski socks. I don't care. Basically, they are just longer, thicker, warmer socks. I'm a big fan of guy's socks because they are usually the perfect length to scrunch down above the top of an ankle boot. A lot of styles will have different colored stripes around the top that add a touch of personality to your lower half. 

Happy closet-hunting, kittens! There are definitely far more options that will be yours for the taking once you begin your search. Just remember, if you get caught, you didn't hear anything from me. ;) Toodles!


"Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves."  
--Albert Einstein