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I'm fairly certain my father genuinely believes I am a "shopaholic." I have always denied it vehemently! But with this latest discovery I've stumbled upon, I may find myself spiraling down into the all-consuming depths of a relapse. I can already feel the urge to load up a shopping cart, full of mostly unnecessary things, slowly creep up on me! I'd like to introduce you to my friend, Rightcliq, by Visa. 
Image courtesy of Visa
Rightcliq is a service with the mission to "put the shopping power in the hands (and laptops) of consumers, according to its website. With Rightcliq you can capture and save items at almost any online retailer. The product and pricing information will be saved to your "Wishspace," a virtual storage unit for all your e-commerce cravings. You can organize your list with a feature called bundles that separates the items into different categories and types. With Christmas coming up, it's the perfect way to organize your gift lists! To avoid the panic some people feel when purchasing items without a second opinion, Visa included the option of sending you Wishspace to your list of friends so they can view the items you're considering and offer up comments and ratings. Only adding to the convenience (and the dangerous temptation, as I've learned through the all-too-easy one-click shopping on iTunes) of this service is the option to save your billing and shipping data so you can simply auto-fill these spaces when you reach the checkout page of any given online store. Fortunately, it's VISA! So you don't have to worry about your information's security. Not only does Rightcliq require certain password fortifications, it also asks private security questions and will put a 24 hour lock on any account that incorrectly logs in three times. After you've bit the bullet and purchased those to-die-for pumps or that decadent vintage Louis Vuitton briefcase (ahem... not that I know anyone who'd kill for one of those...), you can save your purchases and tracking numbers. The key to all of this is that you can finally kill the clutter and get rid of the endless unidentifiable webpage bookmarks saved in your Wishlist folder. It's all centralized in one user-friendly location: wishing, looking, sharing, buying, tracking, everything! 
I am officially obsessed with this new gadget! It will revolutionize the way I shop online, not to mention make it far more convenient. Go to their website to see for yourself. All you have to do is sign up, install the plug-in, and start saving to your heart's content! Enjoy ;)


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