writer's block

Being the hopeless scatterbrain that I am, I live by lists and notes to self. But please, no Mead composition book for me, thanks! I'm on the prowl for a cute, unique journal in which I can record my musings and oddball neuroses. Maybe the pretty paper will inspire some pretty writing too... 



So This is the New Year... And I Don't Feel Any Different

I have obviously taken quite the hiatus from my beloved blog. I now work at StyleCaster doing pretty much the same thing! Now that the holidays are past and a routine will begin to settle in (I hope...), I'm resolving to keep this baby of mine updated more regularly! I will also post links to the things I write for StyleCaster. Hold me to this, y'all! You know my focus can be a little, uh, scattered....

What's everyone's New Year's resolution!?