hot air

Okay, y'all. No joke. This thing is the bomb. It's like my blow dryer and my round brush got frisky and created this miracle hybrid baby called a hot air brush. Mine is by Jilbère de Paris and I got it at Sally's Beauty Supply for a little less than $40. I'm so hooked! Now I can style my blonde locks into the flippy, feathery, Dallas-esque waves that I love so much in about 15 minutes. It's amazing. And I sound like a spokesperson, but seriously, get one

P.S. I gave myself a haircut the other night on a whim. And I'm not talking tiny snips to some split ends. I took off a good inch or two. Somehow I managed to get it all even, though I've discovered that the left side of my head has far less hair than the right side, just naturally... but regardless, I'm pretty proud of myself. Maybe now it'll be healthy and grow or something.