Gimme Gimme!

I hate when the end of the month comes and my money is terrifyingly low. I always tend to see soooooo many things I love right when I can't afford them. Case in point....

If anyone feels so inclined as to buy me a present. That's my wishlist! ;)




Wow it has been quite a while since I've posted. I've been inundated with the responsibilities of finding a job and an apartment! Closing in on both, so I hope this phase soon shall pass.

Despite my busy-bee-ness as of late, I still haven't been able to keep my mind and my time off of the rapidly approaching holiday. Halloween! Every year I brainstorm for weeks about what to wear. And every year I change my mind the night before. Halloween is not really the same anymore since I've left home, though. My golden memories center on parties in my parents' creepy 100+ year old house with my high school friends. We would decorate the front porch like a haunted house and stick my poor grandma in a makeshift coffin, her face smeared with bloody makeup, to scare the party-goers who dared enter (and not sneak in through the back door...) through the dark cloaks that draped in a haunting array from corner to corner of my front porch. Nonetheless, I still refuse to abandon a holiday that insists I dress up. After all, dressing up is what I love to do. I have searched around for costume inspiration lately and thought up a few options that I like. My lack of funds will likely end in the ultimate purchase of your typical prepackaged sexy-something-or-other costume... but until then I will fantasize of the organically fashionable concoctions that my dream wallet can afford. Take a peek after the jump! 


Photos: www.ohdeedoh.comwww.sodahead.com



As it has been since I was a little girl, sleeping is probably one of my favorite "pastimes." When I move to a new place I obsess over the details of my bed and the ambience of my bedroom. I layer my plushy pillow-top mattress with 700 thread count sheets and a five-inch thick goose down feather bed, finishing off the delectable dream cloud with a fluffy eiderdown duvet and a mountain of silk satin encased pillows. Everything housed by those glossy, painted walls invites you to relax and lounge. So it would seem only fitting that I might try to take clothes intended for under the comforter and put them out on the sidewalk. Now I don't mean you should take to the streets in your Nick & Nora flannels. (Not to knock them, of course! Mine are pink with shoes all over...naturally.) Instead, I'm talking about something a little more intimate and feminine: the bed jacket. Bed jackets were popular in the 1930's and 1940's, used to cover a woman's upper body while she sat in bed. They are generally short, loose jackets of decadent materials and adornment, ideal for the most languorous of glamour queens. Add a little luxury to your basic jeans and tanks with one of these luscious options. 


If your mama didn't bring you up according to the laws of eBay like mine did, here are some non-auction options for you after the jump! ;)