stylecaster + topshop

What I wouldn't give to be in New York this weekend! StyleCaster and Topshop are doin' it up beach party style in Montauk, live music and all. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm mildly disappointed that I'm in Florida right now... So y'all better go and have fun enough for me too! ;) Get more info for the event here on Facebook and RSVP to RSVP@StyleCaster.com. Say hi to my SC darlings for me! I miss them all!

Here's an audio sampling of the artists that will be performing live this weekend at the event. I mean, seriously guys, Chairlift will be there! Bad. Ass.


butterfly bride

After hijacking my boyfriend's Netflix account last night and watching more episodes of Say Yes to the Dress than any unengaged girl should, I couldn't help but indulge in a little bridal apparel browsing. I have officially found my future wedding shoes — Liana butterfly peep-toe ballerina flats in ivory satin, by Aruna Seth. They're delightful! I desperately hope they still make them when I get married one day.



watch yourself

A couple weeks ago I was in the mall and I spotted this fun, vibrant Nixon watch at Nordstrom (along with a particularly to-die-for ring, but don't get me started on that).

It's not too expensive compared to many watches, but even so, $60 was more than I could shell out. I adore watches, but since they're all technical and time-tell-y most people don't think of them in the purely ornamental way that I do. I guess since my iPhone is essentially an extension of my hand, a flick of my thumb on the home button is actually easier than going for a full wrist rotation to check the time. (I haven't set a watch since...uhm... come to think of it, I have no idea when the last time was.) Sorry, but this puppy ain't nothin' more than a chunky plastic bracelet to me — and I don't typically spend $60 on chunky plastic bracelets. I do spend $9.95 though. Always a knight in shining budget armor, Target delivered the goods for cheap. Check out my new, undeniably rad, 5-year-old-esque timepiece. 

That's right. 
Sick. Nasty.
This bad boy makes my wrist so happy! 

And look! It came pre-set!




Pretty stoked to go back home at the end of the summer...

Austin really is one of a kind.


itsy bitsy bandeaus

Swimsuit season is something most girls have a love/hate relationship with. On the one hand, an entire category of clothing opens up for our retail indulgence and shopping delight. On the other hand, stripping down to nothing more than a lycra hanky after a winter that saw little sunshine and even less of a razor can be a nauseating experience — especially underneath the merciless glow of fluorescent lights.

One of the most challenging bikini silhouettes? The bandeau.
One of my absolute favorite bikini silhouettes? Also the bandeau. (Even if Michael does say it looks "horizontally restricting"...)

A few years ago, thanks to my pals birth control and hypothyroidism, I had to bypass the strapless styles and stick to the more uh... supportive options. Since then I'm off the Pill and hormonally balanced and have a significantly smaller bust to show for it. Though I may be the minority here, I prefer it this way. Now I can wear a low-cut shirt without screaming CLEAVAGE!!! to everyone who walks by, but more importantly, I have transitioned into the baby-boobies segment of girls that spend their summer frolicking around in bandeau bikinis. There is just something very free spirited and youthful about this type of swimsuit that is quintessentially summer to me. That being said, I firmly believe that people should dress by their body type and not by the trends, and this is one situation where this rule should be followed closely. There is nothing cute about under-boob or sagging or spillage or any of the other tragedies that accompany ill-fitting bandeaus. So if you've got the goods, you should probably stick to halters or underwire tops — but for my fellow flat-chested femmes, dive in to these strapless numbers. Well, actually it's probably best if you don't dive... since, y'know, there aren't any ties to hold your top on and all.

The bikini above is one of my favorites! It's from Target. I love that it has a nautical vibe without conforming to the typical color scheme of red and navy. I'm pretty sure it's sold out, unless you happen upon it in a store, but you can get it on eBay! Here's one auction for it.


patriotic parfait

Got back from Florida on Sunday. I gotta tell you, there's nothing worse than scheduling a ticket in advance only to realize you scheduled it for the wrong days. Who on earth comes back from the beach where her boyfriend is the day before Memorial Day?! All in all it was a quiet holiday to say the least — just mom, dad and me chilling on the back deck with way too many cheeseburgers and hotdogs for three people. One good thing about being home for Memorial Day though? Mom's jello parfait. She makes it on the patriotic holidays, i.e. Memorial Day and The 4th of July, because it's a red, white and blue dessert. I didn't think to take a picture of it, but this image from Martha Stewart's website gets the gist of it. 

Here's how Mama makes it...
First off, she does not do all the little individual parfait glasses. Too much time and effort, and quite honestly we like our portions slightly less delicate. Instead, she uses a large footed glass bowl (like this one). Her version consists of three layers — one jello, one whipped cream, one blueberry. It's really super easy! Just make two boxes of black cherry jello (this is one of our favorite flavors, but if you like you can substitute in a different red flavor like strawberry) and allow it to set in the glass dish. Once it's ready, beat some heavy cream and sugar for yummy homemade whipped cream and scoop it into the bowl as the second layer of the parfait. Top the dessert off with a layer of juicy blueberries and you're good to go. I eat this stuff for every meal when it's in the house!