gone beach bummin

Pardon the hiatus from blogging, dolls! I'm in sunny Sarasota, FL until late on the 29th. See ya then! ;)



child's play

Today I was shopping around in Target with Bee and Mommy. It's so hard to walk in and not head straight for the swimsuits and newest designer collaboration pieces that they so strategically place right at the front. I'm too weak; I never can resist. 

So after filling up the cart with a ton of things I sorta liked, I emerged from the dressing room with a few things that I actually liked. 

I've been eyeing this dress since I saw it in People StyleWatch over Easter weekend.

This is actually way cuter than it appears here. It'll be a fun night-out dress for my trip to Florida next week.

Obviously I needed new bikinis. This one is a lime green color that seriously enhances a tan.

They didn't have any pictures online, but the one I got is actually black not coral. I've never owned a black swimsuit before! It's a very sexy deviation from my typical brighter-than-sunshine bikinis.

I don't know anyone who doesn't love Target. But for all the years I've been shopping there, I never really thought to venture into the Girls' Department — until today, that is. I am telling you, that puppy is an untapped goldmine! I had no money left to spend this time, but next Target trip I take you can be sure I'll be snagging up some Girls' XL in these cute pieces. They're cheaper than similar styles in the Women's section too! (So what if the maxi dresses become midi dresses...)

P.S. I received the vintage rhinestone bracelet that I got on eBay for my DIY friendship bracelet! I'm so excited to see how it turns out.