Tomorrow morning, bright and early (seriously early -- 7.55 a.m.), I will be on a plane headed down to Austin for a little visit. Lately, Michael has been telling me of his multiple trips to Buffalo Exchange and all the new things he's bought. All I can think about is how excited I am to snoop in his closet and take advantage of my girlfriendy right to raid! Even if it is just for a couple days, I will be swimming in rugged male apparel and loving it. So here, in honor of my little voyage, are a few precious gems you might want to check in your boyfriend's closet for! ;)


1. A boyfriend or male admirer.
2. A rich, fashionable young man; a dandy.

Pendleton Vintage Plaid Lodge Shirt, $98
Invicta Men's 0431 Vintage Collection Brown Leather Watch, $130
Brushed Beanie, $18
Men's tees, polos & fleece - long-sleeve tees - Lightweight waffle..., $40
21Men - Sweaters - 2084920839, $29
Men washed favorite shirts Solid Secret Wash point-collar shirt, $60
The Classic Fit Sweatpant, $36
Men's Jeans & Denim - Lucky Brand Jeans, $99
Men's accessories - socks - Camp socks - J.Crew, $24

  • Thermal waffle tee-- Particularly if it's a henley (i.e. one of those shirts with a few button at the top) it looks great on girls. Though it's like a little baggy or slouchy, contrast that with a fitted skirt or a pair of super short cut offs, depending on where you live obviously. 
  • Sweatpants-- I don't exactly recommend wearing these out and about... but I always prefer guy's sweatpants to girls. Sweatpants are not really supposed to be cute. They have "sweat" in their name. Uhm... ew? So I hate when girl's brands try to make them something they are not. Plus my legs are miles long and boy's just tend to fit better. 
  • Knit beanie-- It's plain and simple, but it adds a cute and funky edge to a snow bunny look. Plus a beanie is an excellent tool for hiding a bit of bedhead. 
  • Plaid flannel-- There is SO much you can do with a plaid flannel. I like the cut of a guy's flannel because it usually isn't so short and fitted. I'd wear it with a pair of dark-wash skinny jeans and black over-the-knee boots. A little bit rugged, a little bit risqué
  • Men's watch-- Some girl's watches are great. But a man's watch has a bigger face and has this old-fashioned gentlemanly quality to it when it's a leather band. I wear watches more for their ornamental properties than for their functional purposes. Most of my watches aren't even set! So I want a nice, statement piece to really stand out on my wrist. 
  • Jeans-- Every girl should know this by now: your boyfriend's jeans are a staple. Now if he's significantly larger than you (though most guys have slimmer hips than girls do anyway), then opt for the girly version. But if you can get away with it, go for the more authentic route and steal the real deal from your beau's closet! Just make sure to offset them with a fitted top that points out your curves and the fact that you are, indeed, a woman. 
  • White button-down-- While Tom Cruise may have made his own mark where the white button-down is concerned. Girls can, in my opinion, have much more of an impact when they shrug their sweet shoulders into one of these babies. It's pretty much instant sex appeal. Think: "I just woke up after that party last and I don't want to tiptoe barefoot around the kitchen in my cocktail dress... so I'm going to put on your shirt and make us some coffee." Ooh la la! 
  • Cardigan-- This item is particularly useful if you're planning on wearing a long-sleeved shirt underneath the sweater. Guys arms are cut slightly larger to allow for their extra muscle. Not to mention, a less constricting loose fit just makes a cardigan all the cozier! 
  • Camp socks-- Call them what you will, camp socks, boot socks, ski socks. I don't care. Basically, they are just longer, thicker, warmer socks. I'm a big fan of guy's socks because they are usually the perfect length to scrunch down above the top of an ankle boot. A lot of styles will have different colored stripes around the top that add a touch of personality to your lower half. 

Happy closet-hunting, kittens! There are definitely far more options that will be yours for the taking once you begin your search. Just remember, if you get caught, you didn't hear anything from me. ;) Toodles!


"Any man who can drive safely while kissing a pretty girl is simply not giving the kiss the attention it deserves."  
--Albert Einstein

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