watch yourself

A couple weeks ago I was in the mall and I spotted this fun, vibrant Nixon watch at Nordstrom (along with a particularly to-die-for ring, but don't get me started on that).

It's not too expensive compared to many watches, but even so, $60 was more than I could shell out. I adore watches, but since they're all technical and time-tell-y most people don't think of them in the purely ornamental way that I do. I guess since my iPhone is essentially an extension of my hand, a flick of my thumb on the home button is actually easier than going for a full wrist rotation to check the time. (I haven't set a watch since...uhm... come to think of it, I have no idea when the last time was.) Sorry, but this puppy ain't nothin' more than a chunky plastic bracelet to me — and I don't typically spend $60 on chunky plastic bracelets. I do spend $9.95 though. Always a knight in shining budget armor, Target delivered the goods for cheap. Check out my new, undeniably rad, 5-year-old-esque timepiece. 

That's right. 
Sick. Nasty.
This bad boy makes my wrist so happy! 

And look! It came pre-set!


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