officially man-repellant

I mentioned earlier that the photos of my Man Repeller makeover with Leandra would be forthcoming, and here they have come forth! (Courtesy of the photographer that can make anyone look dreamy, Mr. Joey D'Arco.) The whole set up surrounding this makeover was that I would be playing the role of the sweet and simple, make-him-a-sandwich, girl next door and that I would be transformed into this trend-sporting, tribal-jewelry-wearing, man-repeller of a female. So dis-friggin-claimer: I don't normally dress so ├╝ber-frump as it would appear at the start of these photos. But anyway — I had SUCH a blast doing this. Pretty much all of the photos that weren't used in the final set weren't used because there was too much laughing going on. Leandra is a hoot. Check out the original post for the makeover on StyleCaster and read her captions for each photo and you'll understand.


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