best friends 4-ever

Earlier today I was writing up a shopping post for StyleCaster — today was my last day :( so sad — of  a bunch of super cute friendship bracelets. This summer I plan to have my wrists thoroughly layered with all these colorful, woven wonders. There was one jewelry designer that I absolutely died and went to heaven for though. Frieda & Nellie. They take vintage rhinestone bracelets and necklaces and splice in bright sections of friendship bracelets. It's so creative! I might have to try a DIY session for these and see if I can't whip up something similar. If you want in on the trend, check out my original post on StyleCaster for several other options and styles, but continue on to see more of the Frieda & Nellie fabulosity below. 

Off to eBay I go in search of vintage rhinestone bracelets to disassemble! 


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