Wow it has been quite a while since I've posted. I've been inundated with the responsibilities of finding a job and an apartment! Closing in on both, so I hope this phase soon shall pass.

Despite my busy-bee-ness as of late, I still haven't been able to keep my mind and my time off of the rapidly approaching holiday. Halloween! Every year I brainstorm for weeks about what to wear. And every year I change my mind the night before. Halloween is not really the same anymore since I've left home, though. My golden memories center on parties in my parents' creepy 100+ year old house with my high school friends. We would decorate the front porch like a haunted house and stick my poor grandma in a makeshift coffin, her face smeared with bloody makeup, to scare the party-goers who dared enter (and not sneak in through the back door...) through the dark cloaks that draped in a haunting array from corner to corner of my front porch. Nonetheless, I still refuse to abandon a holiday that insists I dress up. After all, dressing up is what I love to do. I have searched around for costume inspiration lately and thought up a few options that I like. My lack of funds will likely end in the ultimate purchase of your typical prepackaged sexy-something-or-other costume... but until then I will fantasize of the organically fashionable concoctions that my dream wallet can afford. Take a peek after the jump! 


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The Mad Hatter

Add square silk scarves to dangle haphazardly from the pockets or sleeves. Tie the scarf around your neck into an over-sized bow. Think crazy Victorian. Mixed prints and pops of color against the classic jewel tones make the look more mysterious and intriguing. Because aren't we all intrigued by Johnny Depp?

The Mad Hatter by slindig05 


I have wanted to be a Tigerlily/Pocahontas for Halloween for years now! I have the boots and the jewelry and the love of feathered hair accessories! What I don't have, however, is skin as shimmery bronze as a perfectly baked cookie. Mine is more of a marshmallow shade. I'm more suited to dress as Casper and I feel like I would look ridiculous trying to pass for anything with the word "native" in its title. Thus, I will leave this option to those blessed suntanned goddesses out there.

Pocahontas by slindig05


I hadn't thought of this option (it resonates as entirely too typical with me at first consideration) until I was in Lucy in Disguise, in the SoCo area of Austin, where I saw a precious little petticoat with red glitter hearts stamped onto the fluffy layers. I'm not usually a big participant in the dress up like a sex kitten mindset that accompanies Halloween. However, considering I am slightly less well endowed than the model pictured above (.....), I think I could escape a little bit of the provocative stigma. Besides, the pompom wedge heels are too cotton candy cute to pass up!

Cupid by slindig05

Hello Kitty

I have my mother to thank for the inspiration on this outfit. She tends to live life in themes. One Christmas, her theme for nearly every present I received was Hello Kitty. Abby's was the Beatles and London. By the end of the morning there was a running joke before I opened each present about what type of Hello Kitty thing it might be. Needless to say, my dorm in my Freshman year of college looked like that of a young Japanese girl. Nonetheless, I figured the little Sanrio kitten would make for an easy and sweet little costume. Thank you, mommy! :-)

Hello Kitty by slindig05


There have been many points in my life where I have sat back and decided that I was undoubtedly born in the wrong era. Should I ever have the chance to encounter a time machine, I would jump back to the 1920's. The Roaring Twenties fascinate me with its rebellious attitude and hedonistic indulgences in booze and visible ankles (gasp!). I long to jump through the television screen when I watch movies set in this period, and transport back through the years to the days when women dressed up in gowns to go anywhere at night and men wore sleek suits for a walk through the city. It's elegant and classy in a way that today's belly button rings and exposed boxers simply cannot replicate. 

Speakeasy by slindig05


I have been watching so much Lost lately with Michael. Jack is always saving the day with his surgeon-savvy ways! I don't know when it happened, or if Patrick Dempsey just managed to have a lasting effect on me from the few times I've watched Grey's Anatomy, but scrubs look sexy on a man. They say "Yeah, I can handle a scalpel and blood, what's it to you?" Or maybe that's just my opinion...

T.L.C. by slindig05

All at Sea

Though I am entirely content with my sugar cookie locks right now, my sister's recent decrease in hair has me nostalgic for the long, lustrous copper tendrils we both once knew. And everyone knows that Ariel was the hottest Disney Princess (c'mon, she wears a seashell bra... there's no competing with that!). That, paired with the drool-inducing sight of a man in uniform, makes a perfect pair. I think this is the outfit I want to do. I just need to make the trip to JoAnne's to by some green sequin and chiffon goodness to wrap around my mermaid hips. 

All at Sea by slindig05

Happy Halloween, everyone!!! Send me candy!!! :-)


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  2. gah Sarah these are all so adorable! You will undoubtedly look so stunning no matter what you decide to be :) I miss your Halloween parties in your spooky house too :/ Beautiful girl, dress me whenever you like ;)