Warm weather is gradually creeping into the picture here in New York and so naturally, my wardrobe is in need of a major pick-me-up. To make matters worse, most of my breezy sundresses and ragged, wild-child, denim cutoffs are packed away in storage in Austin. And, as usual, I am pitifully poor. So I sought out the mecca of the broke and beautiful—Forever 21. In an attempt to restrain myself from dropping and dragging a picture of every article of clothing I liked to my desktop (that little "add to your cart" button is so unholy), I gave myself guidelines: my favorite 21 pieces from Forever 21. Now if I can figure out a way to get them into my closet...

21 Faves from Forever 21

Bollywood Chain Earrings, $4.80; Double Ankle Strap Wedges, $24.80; Bright Sunglasses, $5.80; Navajo Woven Scarf, $6.50; Orange Paisley Print Maxi Skirt, $13.80; Aztec Etched Cuff, $6.80; Color Block Bodycon Dress, $15.80; Basket-Weave Floppy Hat, $12.80; Stone Cross Necklace, $6.80; Zig-Zag Knuckle Ring, $3.80; Beaded Knuckle Ring, $3.80; Pink Maxi Prairie Skirt, $22.80; Electric Hipster Maxi Dress, $24.80; Moroccan Print Maxi Skirt, $22.80; Leatherette Mary Jane Clogs, $24.80; Cropped Crochet Cardigan, $18.90; Cream Circle Knitted Sweater Top, $27.80; Fitted Tribal Dress, $16; Peep-Toe Leatherette Platforms, $22.80; Floral Print Overalls, $22.80; Floral Wedges, $25.80

Oh, and while I was on Forever 21's website I noticed a familiar face. Yep, that girl in the fake hipster frames. That's Nicole Linkletter from America's Next Top Model Cycle 5. Now that's high fashion modeling right there. Can't get more 'top' than Forever 21, right?


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