permanent ink

I get really bored with my look really quickly. Lately I'm back to feeling like I need a change. My hair is not something to be messed with right now. So that option is out. My face certainly can't handle any jewelry, but my ears are starting to run out of places I'd consider piercing, so I can't do that either. So that option is out. Not that I've never considered it before, but I think my upcoming move to Austin may have sparked the tattoo idea to bounce around in my thoughts more than usual. For the most part I don't think I'd get a tattoo unless it had some particular meaning or significance - to say I'm indecisive or fickle is a severe understatement. I can barely decide on a pair of shoes in the morning (and I often stuff an alternate pair in my purse!), let alone decide on something that will be permanently etched into my body. That being said,  I'm kinda in a to-hell-with-reason mood and have been looking around at pictures of some ink. 

Interesting, right? I think tattoos can be so cool and unique if they're done right. (If not done right, obviously they are disastrous. Like when Hayden Panettiere had "live without regrets" in Italian tattooed down her back - except "regrets" was misspelled. Talk about irony...)

So what are my hesitations?

1. Can I even pull off a tattoo? I mean, I'm kinda a pale little blonde girl. 

But more importantly.... 

2. I really don't want to look like this when I'm old. The cool factor totally disintegrates. 

The floor is now open for comments, opinions and suggestions! :-p



  1. I love the idea of tattoos, but I just can't commit. They only thing I've loved forever is God and my Mama...I say when you get to Austin talk to other of various ages and get their opinions. (Also..they have great shops down there if you decided to get one)

  2. Yeah that's the same problem I have. I change my mind alllll the time.