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Part of me is a bit hesitant to post this entry for fear I'll look absolutely bat-shit insane. I'm not engaged. I'm not getting married anytime soon. But for some unknown reason, I love wedding gowns. Ok, maybe the reason isn't so unknown... I mean, they're gorgeous! Frothy, frilly, floaty layers of creamy white fabric confections sewn together with accents of glitz and lace--what's not to love? So I've decided to throw caution to the wind and risk looking like a psycho and tell you about these gorgeous gowns. 

There was a marathon of that show Say Yes to the Dress on TLC yesterday, and I'm a sucker for a marathon. So I sat and watched as the brides-to-be tried on dress after dress in preparation for their big day. And somehow I ended up browsing online looking at more pretty dresses. I noticed a few brands that I was consistently drawn to, only to find out they were all part of the same overarching design group. Apparently, I have a type. See what you think...


From Rosa Clará...

Another label that was fabulous was Alma Novia.

Yeah.... I need to rein in my fashion fantasies. I'm getting ahead of myself.

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