Jet-setter Jitters

As mentioned previously, I have been scanning the glossy pages of my newfound bibles that capture the street style in cities like New York and London and Stockholm. Now that I've completed a run through of both books about three times already, I'm feeling a little antsy. It's as though a little seed has sprouted inside the pit of my stomach and is growing larger and stronger every hour, inciting within me the desire to pack a bag and run away without a moment's notice. I want to buy a one way ticket to Europe and run around exploring the culture and history and life that a new and vibrant city has to offer. I want to hop on a plane to JFK tonight and make my way to Manhattan and never look back. One thing I noticed about the people of NYC through the comments they made is that no one is just one thing. Everyone in New York City is a dreamer. He's a philosopher and a DJ and a waiter. She's a model and a writer and a student. I am dying to get back to my city of freedom and ambition! Will someone please buy me a plane ticket?!


*Courtesy of Virgin Media.

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