I Heart NY

There was a certain topsy turvy feeling I had earlier today when my mom (happy birthday, mommy!) was talking about her paper due tomorrow and her upcoming test. I'm the 21 year old! Shouldn't I be the one testing and papering?? Honestly, at this point I feel a good deal of nostalgia for my academic days. Being a grown up is so terrifically overrated... aside from the ability to order the frozen margarita -- no salt -- that I did this afternoon at Spider House. If I weren't trying to settle in and find a job here I would probably take this phase of freedom to hop on up to New York for a tick. There are so many Manhattan itches that my dear friend, Austin, just cannot scratch. Just to name a few....

*Photo before jump: LogoBuzz

Bloomingdale's: obviously.
*Photo: DigitalHit.
Chinatown: I miss paying $5 for cheap knock-off jewelry and having a million and one asian women come up to me sketchily to ask if i "want Louis Vuitton, Coach, Gucci??"
*Photos: Urban75; SveN; The World Tourist; Pictures, Thoughts and Comments.

Central Park: Duh. Who wouldn't want a nice stroll through Central Park as the cold weather starts to playfully nip at your nose?
*Photo: VisitingDC.com.
Dylan's Candy Bar: It is probably a good thing that I don't have a Dylan's Candy Bar here in Austin. (I say this as I nibble on Haribo Happy Colas and Brach's Mellowcreme pumpkins...)
*Photos: Chez Larsson; Rates To Go; MetroMix New York.

Dos Caminos: The yummiest guacamole and a tequila bar large enough to make all your clothes come off.
*Photos: Single Gal in the CityNewYork-Best-Restaurants.com; CBS New York

The Family Jewels Vintage Clothing: I'm fairly certain this vintage store was one of the first ones I ever went into, way back when. I was in middle school at the time, I believe.
*Photo: NYC Go.  
Lombardi's Pizza: Tiny, cozy place that has live jazz and mouth-watering pizza. Apparently it's famous, but I stumbled onto it by accident without knowing. I understand the fanaticism now!
*Photos: Lombardi's Pizza

Magnolia Bakery: Even though I have the cookbook, there is nothing as pastry-perfect as a pretty little pastel Magnolia Bakery cupcake. My icing swirls are drastically inferior.
*Photos: All Things Cupcake; MSNBC; Traveling with MJ.

The Subway: I'm tired of spending money on gas... and I'm oddly nostalgic for my little canary yellow metro card.
*Photo: SpeedyMole.com.
Popover Cafe: Oh my... my tastebuds are already dancing for the culinary pleasure that you can find at Popover Cafe. I'll take a Frank's Florida Salad with a popover and strawberry butter, please!
*Photos: Popover Cafe; Frankie Valet

Topshop: Browsing the website is entirely insufficient.
*Photo: Slice Magazine
Brooklyn: For the Brooklyn Flea, the warehouse parties, and Amanda Lo.
*Photo: Osborn Handcrafted

So does anyone want to bring these things down to Texas for me?

I snagged some of Michael's melatonin earlier, so I'm hoping to get a restful night sleep and not repeat last night's insomnia. I'm off to go counteract the effectiveness of any sleep aid I might try though and snag myself my midnight soda! Good night, folks.



  1. Ironically, I'm nostalgic for many of the same things. Despite being just a short train ride from the city, I have so much work to do that I can't seem to allow myself to take a trip down there. But perhaps I will - in your honor! - before this perfect autumn is over.

  2. "For the Brooklyn Flea, the warehouse parties, and Amanda Lo."

    <4 you