WOW! What a weekend! After a long three weeks spent in Austin, I returned to Dallas to empty my apartment. Apparently though, the new tenants had already moved in. There were about a million new residents-- a million tiny, brown, buggy residents. Yes, ants. These little critters had decided to invade Delilah's bin of dog food and trail off in a perfect assembly line through my entryway, into my bathroom, around the corner to the bedroom, behind my headboard and my dresser, under the door and into my closet, finally exiting through a small corner in the back of my walk-in. Needless to say, I was livid and terrified and disgusted all at once. A quick trip to Walgreen's and two cans of super-charged Raid later, not a single live ant remained. Unfortunately, my vacuum cleaner was broken, leaving me no way to suck up the dead insects. Instead, my apartment looked like a gruesome battlefield scattered with Formicidaen casualties. 

This weekend, I boxed up my life and stuck it in storage. Foolishly, I put off the packing part of the process until less than 24 hours before the movers were to arrive. The final strip of tape was slapped across the last box around 6.15 a.m. on Sunday. The movers showed up at my apartment at 8.30 a.m.... not the best scheduling. After the three hour drive to Austin from Dallas, my things were crammed into the storage unit and I was left, once again, to live out of a suitcase. You see, that's the disappointment of this particular move. Normally, the hassle of scraping away at the tape dispenser when I accidentally let the tape stick to itself or the monotony of wrapping each dish in newspaper is compensated for by the excitement of getting into a new place I can start making my own. This time around I am deprived of the opportunity to nest just yet. And, to add insult to injury, I better not need anything from my storage unit before I move into an apartment because it is stuffed to the brim and there is no way I will be able to find or reach anything. 

So things may have been crazy, but now that I have adequately whined and vented I can admit that not everything has been all bad lately. See after the jump for the good stuff! 

To begin with, on Friday before I drove to Dallas I was waiting for Michael to get out of class and decided to kill time in Cream Vintage on Guadalupe right by campus. Not the safest way for a broke girl to pass a half hour, but I'm never one to turn down a good dress-up session. I tried on a killer sequin dress that I desperately wanted to alter and the most adorable jumpsuit. Both were priced in the low $20's, but as fate would have it, my Bank of America app on my iPhone was on the fritz and wouldn't show me how much money I had. So I had to walk away from my finds in financial defeat. (Which is probably good since I now have only $25 in my account after all the moving expenses). I tried to make a joke about it to the salesman, but it appeared that he was not as chill as his hipster apparel would suggest. I don't think he found me funny. 

For the sequin dress I wanted to snip out those shoulder pads. I have shoulders as broad as a football player; I don't need the extra oomph. But for those of you with baby shoulders, go ahead and keep them in! It can look super haute couture to have the exaggerated angles that shoulder pads create. I also wanted to cut it off short. As it is, it might look a little potato-sacky. A little bit off the length would make the bagginess work. Since I didn't get to purchase these lovelies on Friday, I snooped around the internet a bit to discover any alternatives. I found two dresses on eBay that I am almost certain are the same dress that I tried on (unfortunately, at about $35 more each). 

I tried to find options for the jumpsuit but I think I may just end up making my own.

For those with excess time and a certain obsessive particularity about you (like me!), here are some patterns to help you create exactly what your little jumpsuit-dreaming heart desires. 


*All photos courtesy of noted link. 

After hours and hours of research before the Labor Day weekend while I was still in New York, I at last chose a watch for Michael and my first anniversary gift. Immediately after I got back to Texas I was in Austin for three weeks, which even further delayed when he would get his present. Finally, on Friday when we got to Dallas I gave him his Swiss Legend World Timer Collection watch. I'm pretty sure he liked it, because he wouldn't stop playing with it long enough to keep his eyes on the road. 

On a quick and final note, Michael recently told me he would get me a puppy whenever I move into an apartment this fall!!! So now I have to decide what kind of puppy I want... I'm thinking either a Golden Retriever or a Bernese Mountain Dog. My old Golden, Tex, was the most perfect dog ever so I know plenty about Golden Retrievers. I haven't learned much about Bernese Mountain Dogs yet, except that they look downright precious. Anyone have any insight or advice? Let me know! 

*Photo Credit, From Top: Kare Bear Berners; Big Dog Clothing; Excalibur Labradors; Leighaven Bernese Mountain Dogs; MyStuffSpace; My Cute Animals; Doozie Dog; Frank Siteman. 

The moon is out and I am severely under-rested. The down feathers in my pillow are beckoning me to embrace them! Hope you all have a blessed Monday to start off a splendid week! 


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  1. the second picture from the bottom with the puppy holding his nose, is the background on my laptop. i put it up a week ago. sister's think alike :)