how much would you pay for this?

I know vintage is trendy and all, so it's hard to resist the temptation to overprice things when there will undoubtedly be someone out there willing to pay it. But I think I get frustrated when this sort of thing happens on eBay more than anywhere else. Brick-and-mortar retailers have higher expenses for their rent and overhead costs that online stores don't. So when I see a dress like this that is really not anything special go for $496.99, it kinda makes me want to cry. eBay can be so badass when you find little knick-knacks and treasures for cheap, just like at flea markets or garage sales. Now it seems that most of eBay's vintage sellers have gotten a bit too big for their britches. The vibe is too much Beverly Hills and not enough bohemian. 

For instance, why would you spend $510 on this lace mini dress from the 80s...

...when you could get this lacy, bell-sleeved number from ASOS for $89.63?

 You could even get this Anna Sui mini from Net-A-Porter and still it's comparatively less at $265.

One thing I will say is that it probably isn't too difficult for these vintage sellers to close an auction at a high price with all the idiotic eBay-ers there are out there. The sheer floral maxi from American Archive ended with 51 bids and the lace dress from Thriftwares ended with 47 bids. That's what happens when someone puts the first bid in on an item like 9 days before the auction is up! Ugh, newbies... didn't your mama teach you the secrets and strategies of eBay?!

Oh well, since I'm obviously not giving up my eBay obsession, I suppose I will just have to dig deeper to find those hidden treasures I love so much. 


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