full house

Perhaps never going to bed tonight was a poor plan. Family is coming into town starting in approximately 5 hours and then again at 6-ish and again at 7.30-ish. Uhmmm... eep? By family I don't mean one sweet and quiet granny. I mean my brother, my sister in-law, my almost-one-year-old niece, my sister, my aunt, and my two young cousins — add to that my mom, dad, grandma and myself who already live here (and my uncle, who is coming in on Saturday) and you have what I like to call a zoo. Though my niece Becca, whom I haven't seen in nearly a year, is pretty gosh darn cute...

It might be a mad house for a week or so with everyone living on top of one another, but at least it will be more exciting than the normal 50-year-old pace at which I live my life when it's just me and my parents. We may actually go someplace more entertaining than the diner for a change! I've been thinking about outfits to accompany the increase in activity. I have to be careful though, considering that at 5'9" not much from my nose down registers on my radar. Wouldn't want to puncture any rugrat pinky toes with my spike heels. I don't handle blood very well. 

The plan for right now is to spend a couple days in Cape Cod. I loooove Cape Cod. Sadly, we may get rained out and end up piling into the sunroom to play Guitar Hero and eat barbecue — y'know, the normal things that every family does. Right? ...Right?

If that's the case, good luck catching me in anything but my worn-in sweatpants and Hanes tank. Otherwise, I need to somehow acquire this outfit before we road-trip up to the Cape.

the cape

#yeahright #sonotgonnahappen

Hope everyone has a rad weekend.


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