copycats and birds

Remember these cotton-candy colored platforms of perfection from the Spring 2010 collection on the Miu Miu runway? I have never seen such adorably whimsical shoes.

Though there were black kitty prints and beige sunflower prints or baby blue sparrow prints, the pale pink sparrow print with the crystal-encrusted cut-out shape (that my sister so eloquently described as weird, but cool) is by far my favorite. The same precious sparrows that made a delightful return this past NYFW in golden dashes across a black dress. 

Alas, I cannot in any way, shape or form afford them — what's new, right? 

But wait, do mine eyes deceive me? 

A knock-off: the poor girl's savior. Courtesy of eBay. Well — actually, of South Korea.
I'm not ashamed. Beggars can't be choosers, y'know?



  1. I absolutely adore these shoes (the original) but am so on board for purchasing the knock offs..lol. I am on a tighter budget now out of college than I was in it so unless they pop up in the barneys outlet around the corner from me, eBay is my savior too :)