All That Glitters

Not that I have the excess $4.25 every morning to purchase a decadent grande non-fat chai like I used to, but I hear Starbucks has its holiday cups in already. It seems as though the holidays are approaching much more rapidly than usual. I noticed oversized clear plastic candy canes filled with gold and red and green foil-wrapped Reese's peanut butter cups on the top shelf of my local Walgreen's candy aisle, long before the Halloween pumpkins and candy corn were cleared out. While I may not enjoy the head cold and subsequent ear infection that this chilly weather has brought me, I am still eager for Thanksgiving and Christmas time. Especially since I have recently decided to move back to New York for the time being. I'll soon be bookmarking recipes into a folder at the top of my web browser for Thanksgiving and figuring out what to give certain special someones as Christmas gifts. The best part about this time of year though, is undoubtedly the open opportunity to sparkle and shine at all the holiday parties. Add a little glitz to your wardrobe with these shimmery holiday dresses.

Hope you all stay warm and cozy tonight. Grab your hot cocoa and blankets and bundle up. That's what I'm going to do (while I continue my Lost marathon... Season 6... I haven't seen any of this and I have no idea what happens so don't spoil it!) Ta ta, angels!



  1. You've decided to move back to NY??? Yippeee!!!!!!!

  2. yay!!! you're coming back to new york?????